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Aura (Aula as it spelled in Japanese) means "radiant light" in Latin and is commonly known as an intangible quality that surrounds a person or thing). Utilizing the finest materials, Yukimi Kawashima. FN"s designs are made especially for women who have flexible senses towards fashion.
AULA launched in SS 2002 in Japan and has presented exclusively in Paris. In March 2015, AULA held an exhibition for it. FN"s 9th consective season.


DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING. FN"s Masahisa Takano launched the brand in 1999. It is categorized as modern and classic, cool and emotional, authentic and highbrow, casual and feminine, intertwining elements typically presented as opposites.
DOUBLE SATANDARD CLOTHING's apparel is made from high-quality and comfortable imported materials. Within the DSC line, layers of different textures, fabrics, prints and colors abound.


Since Toshikazu Iwaya. FN"s 2002 debut (including his sabbatical from 2009-2012) of his label DRESSCAMP, hi has presented novel collections with bold colors and decorative prints and incorporating couture techniques.
DRESSCAMP often collaborates with top-brands from around the world in order to offer authenticity and high quality.


Launched in 2011, FIG&VIPER is the brand represents current Tokyo street style. The designer Alisa Ueno has collaborated with an array of brands and personalities while incorporating the timeless fashion that people of all ages can enjoy. In addition to the permanent stores in poplar fashion buildings, FIG&VIPER continues holding successful popup shops every year.


With a unique interpretation of feminine allure, elegance, and passion, designer Ahn Soon Han fuses refined materials of lace mixed with silk or tweed. Launched in 1998, Soon. FN"s distinctive, confident color pallets feature an idiosyncratic design synthesis transcending age while celebrating the inner aspirations and beauty of women.
Celebrities including Lady Gaga and Beyonc.ANi have donned Han Ahn Soon designs and the brand has had exhibitions at the FIT Museum in New York and the Sieboldhuis Museum in Holland.


Collaborating with venerable Japanese material production company A-GIRL'S, mastermind japan founder and creative director, Masaaki Homma, will present a new limited edition brand for FW 15 and SS 16 in 2015.
As with mastermind japan, mastermind feat.A-GIRLS will incorporate the highest quality materials in an array of jackets, shirts, skirts, and pants.


Riccimie NEW YORK features luxury materials for everyday clothing and is well known for their detailed sleeves coordinated with skirts and dresses.
For FW15 NYFW runway show, Riccimie will introduce a special "LAPLUME SAMANTHA THAVASA," a rare and valuable bag made only by a limited number of craftsmen in Japan, coordinated with various looks.
The designer for Riccimie NEW YORK F/W 15 collection is Nicole Miller.

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