One of the best "real clothes fashion show" in Asia!

TOKYO RUNWAY is a fashion event that held semi-annually in Tokyo with Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter each year. Over 15,000 of young girls come visit the event, dressing up with trendy clothes. This apparel trade show was used to be named "KOBE COLLECTION in TOKYO" and renamed it to "TOKYO RUNWAY" in 2012, which was KOBE COLLECTION's 10th anniversary. Since it's renamed, TOKYO RUNWAY unveiled as one of the best "real clothes (fashionable, but affordable streetwear) fashion show". Hundreds of top models and popular tv talents grace the runway dressing over 30 brands of the latest "real clothes". Top artists and secret guests are also coming up on stage, and this event is filled with lots of excitement from the beginning to the very end! This event is a lot more than just a show! Variety kinds of entertaining event booth are provided by the sponsors.
Visitor can have chance to take photos with top models and get some product samples at those event booths.